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Used Cell Phones Make Sense For The Environment

Buying a new cell phone is often a costly venture that results in the disposal of the old model - even if it's in perfect working order. At GreenCells, we provide our customers with an environmentally friendly - and affordable - upgrade solution. Buying used cell phones has become the more cost-effective, environmentally responsible choice.

At GreenCells, we are dedicated to providing our customers a sustainable and socially responsible way to upgrade their current phones for less. Our used cell phones include the brand names people trust at prices they'll love. We've been in business since 2005 showing cell phone buyers all over the country that there is a better way. Our reuse and recycling program has made going green very easy and affordable for thousands of satisfied customers.

When customers come to us for used cell phones, they'll find our company stands apart from other options out there for several distinct reasons. We are the go-to source for phones for hundreds of thousands of customers because we:

Provide a greener choice - It's a simple fact that reuse and recycling of cell phones saves a lot of unnecessary waste. Our used Verizon phones, AT&T models and more are all refurbished to work properly so customers can rest assured they are not only doing the right thing, but also getting great products in return.

Save them money - Our line of used cell phones includes some of the most sought-after models on the market for as much as 80% less than a new purchase. There is simply no reason to spend more when GreenCells provides an alternative that works.

Deliver an amazing selection - We recycle and reuse cell phones from a wide variety of carriers. From Verizon used cell phones to models from Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile, we have the options customers need to work with their existing plans.

Stand behind our products - GreenCells is fully committed to making sure customers receive quality products for their money. To ensure that they do, we stand behind each other with a 30-day any reason guarantee. If customers aren't happy with their selection of used cell phones they can return their purchases to us for a full refund or exchange. We also warranty the quality of our phones for one full year. The only caveat on our guarantee and warranty policy is that customers must not lose, drop or get their phones wet.

Offer free shipping - At GreenCells, it's our aim to keep customers' costs as low as possible. To help out, we offer free shipping and even extend this offer to returns. It's just our way of saying thanks for becoming one of our customers.

At GreenCells, we're helping our customers help the environment one phone at a time. We invite you to explore our selection of used cell phones. Ordering is available directly from our website or you can contact us via live chat or at (630) 358-9599 with any questions you may have.