Enjoy Exceptional Savings On Unlock Cell Phones

Just because you like to switch cell phone carriers from time to time doesn’t always mean you want a new phone to go along with it. If you want to buy a phone you love and take it with you no matter what, our used unlocked cell phones will deliver the freedom you’re after.

Unlocked cell phones are a bit different than the proprietary models most carriers offer their customers. These cell phones offer exceptional freedom by working with the SIM cards provided by any carrier. This means an unlocked cell phone can work with a variety of plans without forcing you to purchase another phone if you move to a different carrier.

 At GreenCells, it is our pleasure to offer customers access to an extensive line of used unlocked cell phones through our recycle and reuse program. Through this effort, we take cell phones that others no longer want and ready them for resale to budget and environmentally minded consumers. Our used cell phones are designed to deliver high performance for less money.

Our unlocked used cell phones are available in a wide variety of high-demand models. Within our inventory of used cell phones, you will find unlocked smart phones, texting phones, camera phones and more. Our product line includes the brand names you know and trust in unlocked cell phones. From BlackBerry and Motorola to Sony and beyond, you’ll find today’s most popular models in our used cell phone inventory.

Buying a used cell phone is an excellent way to save money and do a little bit for the planet at the same time. Our unlocked used cell phones come with a 30-day guarantee. This means if you don’t like your phone, you can return it for a full refund. Plus, we back all of our sales with a one-year warranty, as well. Just shop our convenient online store to find a used cell phone to fit your taste.