For ANY reason, we will provide a full refund or exchange -- your choice -- within the first 30 days you have your phone. No questions, no hassle.


Listen. Helping the environment is not only easy, it’s smart & fun! By choosing to go Green you save money, can upgrade your phone more often, save money, … well find out more or just buy a phone! And be Green.

Why "Buy Used" Cell Phones Is the Best Buy?

Only at GreenCells is used the new new. GreenCells offers 75% off the price of new cell phones, offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, and the only place that offers a one-year warranty. We even offer free return shipping if you choose! So used really is the new new! Why would you buy anything else – especially when it makes you green.

Have you recently picked up a new cell phone and are not sure what to do with your old one? Or possibly you are just looking for more ways to be green, but you are still unsure about used cell phones. Well here are some reasons you should recycle your old phones and switch to buying used.

Customer Satisfaction
Our satisfied GreenCells customers make the best case for reuse. They trust us for value-priced quality cell phones that save them money, give them a free guarantee and warrantee, and help them do the right thing for the environment. And with a great selection of phones that range from the latest styles and models, to top-notch replacements, we have something for everyone. Stop by the GreenCells Fan Page to meet some of our satisfied customers.

Help The Environment
Recycling, donating, or selling your used cell phones to GreenCells helps protect the environment by saving energy and keeping reusable materials out of landfills. Reuse is also great because it reduces air and water pollution from the mining of new resources. By providing our customers the opportunity to buy and sell used cell phones, GreenCells' reuse and recycling efforts have diverted over half million mobile devices from landfills.

Significant Financial Savings
All of our phones come with a free, one-year warranty and savings of 50% to 80% over new cell phones. We don’t require credit checks or lock you into contracts. Each of our phones also comes with free shipping.

Standard with all of our cell phones is a free one-year warranty, and 30-day any-reason money-back guarantee.

Do Something With Your Used Cell Phones
We will buy your old phones, giving you cash or credit towards anything on our site.

We’ve seen all the latest phones out there and do appreciate the latest and greatest gadgets. So if you can’t wait a few months for those newest phones to become used, we say buy it. But if you can push back on the fashion pressures, then try used – it will always be new to you! We hear it all the time: “I bought used, and I liked it.”

Keep in mind, that new phone:
  • Will be a used cell phone tomorrow
  • Will work just like our phones
  • Will look just like our phones in a few months
  • May send another phone to a landfill

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