About GreenCells

The GreenCells Mission
At GreenCells, we believe real innovations are sustainable, profitable, and ultimately, socially responsible. Since 2005, our reuse and recycling of cell phones has made green easy for hundreds of thousands of happy customers. Our mission is simple: Provide quality products and service, and enable our customers to contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment by making used a better choice than new.

GreenCells brings two key attributes to the reuse trend: trust, via our exceptional warranty (with no monthly fees and no deductible) and value, with savings of 50 to 80% over a new cell phone. Our customers benefit from our full-value proposition, which includes purchasing used cell phones—from the latest models to quality replacement phones—with confidence as a result of our guarantees: 360-degree shipping, one-year warranty, and trade-in/trade-up program and cash for phones offer.

Our Reuse Focus
These days, not all green is created equal. GreenCells promotes the greenest consumer behavior there is: reuse. Reuse saves our customers money, frees them from expensive contracts with carriers, and protects the environment. It’s a practical, sensible and satisfying way of life.

By purchasing GreenCells value-priced, quality cell phones (and selling us your old ones), our customers deter these devices from landfills and prevent new materials from being sourced in very “ungreen” ways. Our customers have made an important difference in reducing e-waste. So far, GreenCells' reuse and recycling efforts have diverted half-million+ mobile devices from landfills.

Our GreenHorizons
Down the road, as we expand into other products that can be efficiently reused, we will further promote our green mission of building confidence in buying used. If you like what we’re doing here, check out the GreenCells Blog, or the GreenCells Facebook page, and help spread the word about reuse! You also can sign up for our newsletter by signing in and then choosing "opt-in"; read our blog; or just send us an email. We appreciate your patronage.

The Management Team

President Jay Hines brings more than 20 years of telecom and customer service experience to the leadership of GreenCells. He applied his entrepreneurial spirit, along with an engineering background, to organize a business that rewards customers for their socially responsible reuse. As a management consultant, Jay has worked directly with CXOs of Fortune 500 companies, including AT&T, Motorola, AOL and many others.